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PrivatEye Investigation is a private investigator agency that performs various investigation services in Singapore and throughout the region. Specialising in Matrimonial Investigation Cases, PrivatEye has a strong team of experienced private investigators who have managed to help many clients obtain the required results and evidence in the areas of Commercial Investigation, Background Checking and Commercial Fraud.

While we specialise in Matrimonial Investigation,we have a strong team of experienced private investigators and detectives who perform various type of investigation services including Commercial Investigationing, Background Checking and Surveillance Monitoring. We have managed to help many clients obtain the required results and evidence in Singapore. With our extensive years of experience, we are your choice of Private Investigators.

Our Private Investigators (PIs) are trained to carry discreet surveillance to obtain the necessary evidence. Once we have successfully gathered the evidence, we are able to work with your legal representatives where necessary. We are also willing to testify in civil proceedings in Court where this has been agreed in our contract.

We deliver our services discreetly, and have helped many clients to uncover the truth in order to clear their doubts and put their anxieties about their relationship to rest. In some cases, our services have managed to save marriages from breaking up.


To sign a Letter of AUTHORIZATION and to provide details of the case.

Investigations and surveillance will commence thereafter.

We will provide a detailed report with photographs and DVD to provide evidence for the client in Court proceedings.

Customised Investigation
We study each case we receive to find an effective and ethical solution that is tailored to meet our client’s needs. In our first meeting, we will advise you on whether we are able to assist you on your case. If we are unable to assist you, we will inform you and help you to find someone else who is better suited to assist you.

Guaranteed Results?
We cannot guarantee any results. We do not and will not fabricate result to please our clients. We also do not and will not use illegal means to obtain evidence. While we are unable to guarantee results, you can be assured that we will provide our full commitment to deliver the services engaged.

Your Budget

Let us know what your budget is. If we know your budget, we would be able to advise you on a suitable solution that is within your budget range.If you wish to engage our services or simply have a no-obligations discussion with us,call us.

We are a licensed Private Investigator/ Detective Agency. We honour our work. We perform ethical investigation services and provide solutions. No gimmicks or empty promises.

NOTE: Freelance or unlicensed private investigators (who are not registered under Singapore Police Licensing Regulatory Department) are illegal in Singapore. It is not advisable to engage such unlicensed private investigators even though they may charge you lower fees.